Benefits of Breastfeeding

Don’t you love having some ‘girl time’ with your mom? We do!

My sister, Faith and I look forward to lunch and coffee dates with our mom, Emilia. I remember mom would take us out every Saturday to go to an ice cream place or watch a movie together. Mom says during this ‘girl time’ that we have, we can say anything and everything to her, to treat her like one of our friends.

Even though Faith and I have our own family now, we still do ‘girl time’. Rather than it being weekly, we end up doing it twice a month, or at times, when our work loads are up to our necks, once a month!

spa-day-for-momLast Saturday, we had our ‘girl time’ bonding and spent the entire day in a spa! Mom went out of her way to organize this, in particular, for Faith as she is almost due to give birth. Having given birth to two beautiful girls, she understands the sweet dilemma Faith is going through.

We all met up in the spa and started out with having our nails done. Since this is Faith’s first born, she has been devouring pregnancy books like crazy! I know my mom, from time to time, will send her articles over the Internet that she thinks will help Faith with her delivery.

As mom and I catch up about my work and my husband, Mike, Faith blurted out that she does not want to breastfeed her baby. Mom asked her why, and Faith said that she heard from a colleague that it’s too painful that she ended up doing it for just a day.

Mom said that her colleague is right, but rather than thinking of how painful it will be, she should concentrate on the benefits her baby will get from breastfeeding.

Mom went on, and said that breastfeeding will lead to a healthier baby in the future. She asked us if we noticed how we did not get sick that often growing up, claiming that it was because she breastfed us for six months! “A mother’s milk gives the baby antibodies that will help the baby battle any sickness”, she said.

She also said that since Faith has always been conscious about her weight, breastfeeding can help her lose the weight she gained during pregnancy.

Mike and I do not have children yet, but are already trying to work on it. I am also listening in to get some pointers.

The other moms in the salon were listening in too. One of them could not help but join in the conversation.
One of the moms said that breastfeeding lowers SIDS (Sudden Infant Death Syndrome) for babies. She also said, if you’re co-sleeping and the baby cries at night, you don’t have to get up and make formula milk. Breastfeeding you don’t need to check if the water you have used is of the right temperature, or if you have clean bottles to use for the night.nursery-room

Faith kept nodding with all the information she has been given from our mom, and one of the moms in the spa.

Mom also said that breastfeeding builds relationships between other moms, you share experiences with them about your baby, the sleepless nights, the simple joys and more. Funny enough, when we were having this discussion, a few more moms joined in. It was like a forum of mothers telling Faith about what they have experienced with their own children.

It seems breastfeeding does have a lot of benefits for both mom and baby.

I’m so excited for Faith and her baby! I have to give my mom credit for this ‘girl time’ that we have.

It was so much fun! Maybe I can arrange a prenatal massage for Faith on the next “girls date”!

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