Baby Shower Gift Ideas

From day one, soon-to-be moms may experience family and friends almost overwhelmingly offer support, and different insight on what she, and her newborn baby will need. It can really get difficult to sift through all the information out there to find the true essential items a new mom should have. Let’s not even talk about when mother to be and mother-in-law don’t share the same style, or models of taking care of a newborn baby!

I joke but this is what my friend, Gina has been experiencing now. With her upcoming delivery and the stress she feels for being the center of unwanted attention, I decided to surprise her by having an intimate baby shower. I invited a few of our work colleagues, and some of Gina’s close friends, thanks to her husband, John.

Rather than all of us buying the same thing, a friend of mine suggested creating a wishlist containing a variety of mom and baby needs.

Of course I checked in with papa John to get his feedback of things they may want and need, even before the baby comes. I have to admit, this whole experience gave me a deep sense of appreciation to moms out there. After which I thought of posting the list we came up with because you, my readers, might also need some gift ideas for your friends or relatives who will be mothers soon.  

Feeding Time

feeding-timeThe first few days after giving birth, mom and baby will be inseparable. According to the Kid’s Health website, a newborn baby needs to be breastfed for about 8-12 times a day. With that, one of the many things new mothers need is the feeding set: nursing pillow, bibs, feeding bottles and a burp cloth for  the baby. Nipple cream, and a breast pump are also great items to have for feeding time.

Since babies cannot do things on their own, they need every human support they can get. The bibs and burp cloths are essential so that your clothes will be protected from the baby’s spit up, drool, and other possible liquid spills that can happen.

Nipple creams are heaven sent for moms. With the baby needing to eat a few times in a day, the mother’s nipples can become dry and sore. The cream will ease the dryness, and soothe the soreness of the nipples.

Breast pumps can become a mothers best friend, especially if she is not within the baby’s reach. Since a mother lactates a lot after giving birth, her breasts will feel heavy, and sore. To relieve her of this dilemma, she would want to pump out the milk, and securely store the milk so that the baby can drink it later.


diapers-cloth-disposableWhat goes up must come down, what goes in must come out, if you know what I mean.. The diaper set is a new mommy & baby essential.A good diaper set generally includes diapers, diaper wipes,a diaper rash cream, a diaper bag, and a diaper disposal system.

There are a lot of diaper types from disposable to reusable. After you choose the type of diaper you are then left selecting from the variety of brands with each of their own pros and cons. Often times it’s best to try more than just one type and brand to find out which one works best you. There may be diapers that serve better in certain situations.

It’s common for a newborn to experience diaper rash anywhere from 1- 5 times in the first year. When it happens it is best to have a cream that can provide fast acting, and long last relief. Some of the ingredients to look for when choosing a diaper rash cream would be Calendula as it is antibacterial. To read more on good ingredients to look for in a diaper rash cream take a look at an article recently published in Healthline.

Soiled diapers where do they go. Well if you’re using disposable ones you’ll need a good diaper disposal system.This system hides the used diaper odor. I am actually thinking of getting this set for Gina because who wants a lingering smell in the air of… you know.

Bed Time


A little bit of money may need to be saved for a quality bed system. Cribs, mattress and the baby’s bedding, and padding can be a bit costly. You may want to read a few reviews as they can provide insight to find something durable and safe.

For the cribs, you need to inspect and make sure that it’s sturdy, and bolts are properly locked when assembled. As months pass by, the little one may attempt to sneak out whether you like it or not!

Entertainment & Extras

rattler-toySwaddling blankets, pacifiers, bouncy seat, white-noise machine and a mobile are some of the forms of entertainment that can aid in the baby sleeping better. Mom and baby are both happier when they get better sleep. 

For new mothers, a nursing bra, nursing pads, ice pack and hemorrhoid cream could really be some helpful extras.

These are just some of the baby shower gift ideas that we have come up with, and I am sure Gina will love them all.

Now, I just need to decide which to buy and also call the girls to see  what they are getting her. I hope no one has chosen the diaper set yet!

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