4 Baby Hacks You Should Know

Moms are superheroes!

I just needed to say it out loud.

I’m not a mom yet, but I have seen how my mom did it and now, my sister, Martha. I was working overseas when Martha gave birth to her first child, Ashley. I would visit her from time to time when I had a vacation. It seemed she was always juggling a few items in her hands all at once – a plate on the right hand with baby Ashley tucked next to her bosom, while her left hand was shaking the baby bottle to feed the crying baby.

Martha said, moms, regardless if it’s their first time or not, need all the help they can get. The thought got stuck in my head and every time I am out to do my errands in a mall or supermarket, I always try to find products that I know will help Martha in raising baby Ashley.

There was one instance, I was strolling in the mall when I saw a young woman who had a blanket covering most of her upper body. I got curious because there was some movement underneath the cloth. After a few minutes, a young boy, aged two to three years old, emerged from it.

Baby boy under light blue blanket after a bath

I couldn’t resist so I asked her what does the blanket do for the child. The young mom explained that it’s her breastfeeding cover. She mentioned that it allows her to breastfeed her child even in a public place. If she’s using it, I am pretty sure my sister needs one too. I asked what brand would she recommend and she said to buy Boho Mama’s Luxury breastfeeding cover.

When I got home from my window shopping, I decided to check out the breastfeeding cover she recommended online. I found out that the cover or shawl is made from organic bamboo modal. It is breathable and lightweight to make you and your baby stay cool. It is also hypoallergenic, anti-bacterial and biodegradable. It also have various uses. It can shield your baby from the rays of the sun, or any form of light while they take a nap when you are at the park, or in a public place.

Clicking on that particular item opened a whole lot of suggestions for moms. I clicked on the Paci-Minder. A helpful device for pacifiers not to get lost or be dropped on the floor. You know how kids are attached to their pacifiers. One minute they would spit it out, and a few seconds later, they will cry because they can’t find it. I have witnessed this game my niece has been playing with her mom, my sister. I can see how stressed Martha is when they can’t find the pacifier. She usually is prepared with at least 2 pacifiers assuming the one will be dropped and lost. Individually they may be cheap, but buying a dozen in a week? Not cheap at all.
Row of babies dummies on rope. 3dAnother suggestion I have seen is the Leacho Safer Bather Bath Pad. According to the product description, the bath pad is in a slightly seated position which makes the baby’s head elevated. This will keep the water out of the baby’s ears. It also has contoured sides so as to safely cradle the baby while bathing. With this, you don’t have to worry that the baby might slip.. I saw this happen to my sister when she was bathing Ashley once in our house. She was looking for Ashley’s diapers in their bag when Ashley wiggled from the tub and she kind of slipped out of her hands! Luckily, Ashley just plunked on the tub and did not cry. The incident made Martha worry but my mom comforted her, and told her to just observe Ashley for a day or two.Everything went okay and Martha felt better.

Seeing all these ideas to help moms with their babies are simple, yet you know plays an important role in their day-to-day activities. Martha will be bringing a bagful of toys, clothes and a lot of “just in case” other stuff for Ashley. One being a Braun Forehead Thermometer.

Control temperature of little girl

This thermometer will inform you of your baby’s temperature by just swiping the baby’s forehead. Amazing isn’t it? It is safe and hygienic to use. It is also non-invasive.

After reading through the other suggestions, I still think that the breastfeeding cover is a good deal. I am sure Martha would love it. She won’t always have to excuse herself, and go to a mother-child area to breastfeed. It still allows for privacy, that is the part I think she will enjoy the most.

I clicked on the ‘Buy’ button and purchased the cover.

How about you? Care to share what are your suggestions in making a new mom’s life easy? Hope to hear some of them soon (leave your responses in the comment box)!

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